Tara Kelton


Roomba, portable projector, looped video from 'virtual walking' DVDs (played on screens attached to treadmills).

Texture Mapping

Toy robot larvae, custom digitally printed stickers, digitally printed ceramic tiles.

Title unknown

Artwork viewed in Google Street View, in New York city gallery, reproduced in oil paint

Time Travel

A video camera is placed at the front of a train car, facing out the door. Live video feed is sent from the camera to the laptop, which is sitting in front of a second door at the back of the train car. When viewing the laptop one is able to see approximately 1/10th of a second into the "future".


Leonardo, a portrait 'drawing' machine at a shopping mall is made to create his own portrait by placing a mirror in the portrait booth.


Anonymous online workers paid $.50 each to draw their own portrait. A custom software application combines their drawings in real-time.

Magic Carpet

Roomba, tablet computer, looped video. 2014

Impressionist Photoshop pattern brushes

downloadable .pat file